She's WAH?!

Dec 05 2005 02:46 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Dec 05 2005 02:54 pm

Based on a True Story
Yes.. this happened to me before >.<

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The Rock and The Losers, Dec 07 2005 02:21 pm

Im sick yall.. new comic when Im well


Pluto, Dec 05 2005 03:28 pm


Oyer, Dec 06 2005 10:34 am

See if shes willing to go Bi. ;)

bipolar_monkey, Dec 08 2005 11:22 am

wow. that was a bit random ( yet all of us feel the pain of this moment. all of us who have had to experience this moment in real life... like me.. i mean >.< )

DaGangstaDx, Dec 08 2005 05:02 pm

ROFL!!1,I must say that was the pwnag3 of the month

McEwin, Dec 12 2005 07:47 pm

Okay... who has had this line pulled on them?

*raises hand, looks around, then and puts hand down depressingly*

Gels, Dec 13 2005 04:01 pm

XD Dood. My name is Raevynne. (it sounds like Raven) I'm Lesbian, too! I turn down guys like that, too... XP

I'm freaked out at these similarities... XD

<3/ Vynnie


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