Wheelin and Dealin

Nov 09 2005 09:00 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Nov 10 2005 02:12 pm

The Final Battle
Shall be auto updated Saturday at 1:00 my time

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doktaluv, Nov 10 2005 07:02 pm

I dunno, I think with those disconnected hands Brad and Kyle got the better deal! That way they can panch him from long distance!

linked92, Nov 10 2005 08:46 pm

OMG! disconnected hands

Oyer, Nov 11 2005 02:50 am

ROLF, you've Oyerfied your own characters. This is really funny!

The Rock and The Losers, Nov 11 2005 08:47 am

You didnt notice the Loserfied Oyer laughing at them?

Oyer, Nov 12 2005 02:16 pm

I noticed, but the cream de le crop was your Oyerifed characters. Now I know what they'd look like obese. ^^


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