The TRTL of Tommorow

Nov 03 2005 03:45 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Nov 03 2005 03:47 pm

This tablet has a SLIGHT learning curve but I did this in like 10-20 mins? is the shading a BIT overboard? Please Rate Honestly!

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Oyer, Nov 03 2005 03:56 pm

I like the TRTL picture. Lets make the TRTL of tomorrow, today!

The Rock and The Losers, Nov 03 2005 04:02 pm

Erm... I was kind of avoiding this... but there wont be another update till Sunday probably.. stupid dad...

TakkunJing24, Nov 03 2005 04:43 pm you use flash?...cause it looks like you do...i used to use it to draw but now i use it solely for animation...nice job...

The Rock and The Losers, Nov 03 2005 04:44 pm

Yeasum I use Flash good eye! and thanks

Pulha, Nov 03 2005 04:54 pm

Cool one, his hair is really cool now! I was doing a all your base flash, but i got fed up... i might continue that someday.

Sangokyu, Nov 03 2005 05:27 pm


holyknight, Nov 03 2005 06:22 pm


squee, Nov 04 2005 12:36 pm

ooh, very shiny. Me likey.

TuperYabba, Nov 05 2005 02:03 am

Time for a retarded quote!!! "THIS IS FUN!!!!"
In a more serious light, I like this style of drawing.

bipolar_monkey, Nov 07 2005 12:49 pm

Shiny. i like the shady-ness XD i cant figure out how the hell to use Flash. its to complicated


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