Guest Movie - The Phantom Windex

Oct 22 2005 09:44 am

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 22 2005 09:47 am

Heres the link

This is by Jack of Zombie Panic, Steam, and some other stuff...

If it frightens you... dont worry it frightens me too... but he took the time to make it and it deserves a spot in the TRTLness! SO HERE IT IS.... AGAIN

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Spartan152, Oct 22 2005 10:22 am


Oyer, Oct 22 2005 11:19 am

That was Cool. But I'm still freaked out.. 0_0

Spartan152, Oct 22 2005 01:25 pm

yeah i went a lil too far. call your shrink, tell him i sent you, and he'll fix you up

Zick, Oct 29 2005 09:51 am

Awesome! Knife wins! Yay!


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