The Roster

Oct 20 2005 09:11 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 20 2005 09:12 pm

This is the roster... please be to your classes on time

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Sangokyu, Oct 20 2005 09:34 pm

This would make an interesting game *cough*pleasechadmakeitanimateitinflash*cough*

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 20 2005 09:49 pm

Re: Sangokyu
If I do that I cant put it into the book... oops did I just spoil that?

holyknight, Oct 20 2005 11:48 pm

Flash cant go in smackjeeves comic thingie... and wat do you mean by book TRTL? Also, FIGHT ALREADY!

Zick, Oct 21 2005 01:30 am

Why is Jumbalyah's turban forever changing? Also, is that Raven against the churos guy?

Oyer, Oct 21 2005 08:33 am

Gothic powers of doom against the wholesome snack of Churos. This shall be interesting.


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