Battle #1 Pacman VS Cookie Monster

Oct 19 2005 03:50 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 19 2005 03:52 pm

No thumb problem gonna keep TRTL from living on... its short and very simple but thats all I can manage now.. enjoy!

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holyknight, Oct 19 2005 03:58 pm


Spartan152, Oct 19 2005 04:31 pm

it took me two years to figure out the O's allowed me to eat them. i just thought they only slowed them down.

Pulha, Oct 19 2005 04:37 pm

Pacman is teh pwn

Oyer, Oct 19 2005 05:32 pm

Nooo! Cookie Monster!
Curse you PacMan!
Sorry...I want the good guys to win, but I really love the Cookie Monster. ;) Lol.


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