The Armies

Oct 16 2005 07:30 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 16 2005 07:33 pm

This one I did all free handed in Flash MX except the last two frames with each army... those were handdrawn then inked

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Brogimus, Oct 16 2005 08:16 pm

Loser army... Eh?
No I'm not Canadian... I like the comic keep it up man.

Oyer, Oct 17 2005 07:09 am

Oh no! THe Churos guy is here! We're doomed! Doomed I tell you!

Spartan152, Oct 17 2005 02:20 pm

Well he IS evil the hospitals ran out of space because of that churo-stuffing bastard!

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 17 2005 02:22 pm

Um Guts no new TRTLs for a while I kinda cant mov my thumb

Zick, Oct 19 2005 12:10 am

Why is the shot gun carrying-container thingy guy and the Churos guy on the same side?

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 19 2005 02:13 pm

because The Kool-Aid man and Churo guy arent considered good

Zick, Oct 25 2005 10:13 pm

And Raven is?


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