Oct 07 2005 02:26 pm

Chad Says:

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The Rock and The Losers, Oct 07 2005 02:26 pm

Ill be back on MOnday heeres somethin to tide ya over

Sangokyu, Oct 07 2005 04:58 pm

Very pretty! Nice folds, BTW!

Zick, Oct 07 2005 10:26 pm

Aren't they supposed to be ghosts?

Oyer, Oct 08 2005 05:19 am

Bad Zick! Bad! No creating loopholes! ;)
Nice manga...

Spartan152, Oct 08 2005 04:04 pm

plotholes actually oyer, but you got the point across. Chad, i didn't know you could draw moderatly well, that's awesome! I left you a cameo at
yes i made a sprite comic. go me. go me.

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 08 2005 06:23 pm

no no no not plotholes just a filler

((Im at my dads and I cant do anything with the comic))

Look forward to a handdrawn comic on Sunday night

Zick, Oct 09 2005 03:30 am

Just trying to point it out.


|WARNING|Do not do anything depicted in theese comics, if you do you could get seriously injured, die, or worse, get sued heavily. If you DO end up doing something in theese comics Im not responsible becasue of this warning. if you are still reading this go read a book or do something better with your life ^_^