Brad's A Genius!... and a Dumbass...

Oct 03 2005 03:18 pm

Chad Says:

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bipolar_monkey, Oct 03 2005 03:39 pm

Not the windew! now they shall be dead and thirsty! ;( i feel the pain..

Admin, Oct 03 2005 04:26 pm

lol, they're funny again >:D

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 03 2005 05:36 pm

thanks admin I try :P

Pluto, Oct 03 2005 08:15 pm

Hahaha, the Windex is back.

bipolar_monkey, Oct 04 2005 12:16 am

windex blues
poor little windex.. anyways.. im just curious. what do you use to make your comics. it looks like their done on computer.. (( boy i sound stupid here ))

nickbaldwin, Oct 04 2005 03:34 am

Yes, I am in the curois too. I believe they were first hand-drawn. But not entirely sure. Good comic

Just_Jeremie, Oct 04 2005 08:50 am

haha now if goku actually asked for something like that to beat freeza, there'd be no more sayans

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 04 2005 02:26 pm

How The TRTLs are made
FIRST there was one frame and I copied it over and over then drew eyes, mouth, arms and eyebrows, then I just drew one pannel and inked it and used it over and over for that paticular comic, then I eventualy started getting less and less time on my hands so I made a base TRTL charactar thing on Flash and used it for all my charactaering needs... sorry guys but I dont have that much free time so thats how their going to continue being made...

Oyer, Oct 04 2005 03:37 pm

So it's made much like a sprite comic? Heh, well who cares, they're the Rock and Losers and that's what counts. ;)

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 04 2005 03:46 pm

Oyers right...

adamacus, Oct 05 2005 11:00 am

ARGGGHHHHHH!!! *KABLAMMY* just else is a homework burdened teenager going to make a comic in less than an hour!

bipolar_monkey, Oct 05 2005 12:31 pm

sprites are not my friend.. brad and kyle are my friend... what am i suppost to do xD

i guess we can fogive you :)

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 05 2005 02:11 pm

Like Adamacus said.. IM HOMEWORK STRANGLED! O.O

bipolar_monkey, Oct 05 2005 03:55 pm

homework strangled.. you're only 13!!! >.< wait for the world of High School... -sob- anyways.. ^_^ i still love ya ( not in that way) even if you are homework strangled..

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 05 2005 07:21 pm

My math teacher is REAAALY huge so to ruin OUR lives she gives us 4-5 pages of HW a night

Oyer, Oct 06 2005 11:37 am

Isn't TRTL already in High School?
I'm 13 and I'm in High School.

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 06 2005 02:32 pm

Uhh... o.O
Everyone in my grade is 13 so I dont know O.O Im in 8th grade

Oyer, Oct 06 2005 03:50 pm

We live in diffrent countrys so most likely the entire system is screwed. :p
For example, round here F is the best mark you can get.

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 06 2005 04:07 pm

O.O 100 is the best mark in my school ^.^

Zick, Oct 07 2005 06:14 am

My cousin's lowest grade is 87 while his highest is 95. Damn, sometimes i swear he's a decendant of einstein.

bipolar_monkey, Oct 07 2005 12:35 pm

homework troubles
Well.. after getting my own report card.. maybe it IS a good idea to spend time on your homework.. oops... XD

squee, Oct 07 2005 12:42 pm

Chad...I think I adore you.

...may I call you sempai? (in case you don't know, "sempai" is a term used in Japan to refer to someone who is superior.)

The Rock and The Losers, Oct 07 2005 02:14 pm

um OK and thanks Squee

Spartan152, Oct 08 2005 04:06 pm

chad-san, you have a cameo at


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