Sep 30 2005 02:59 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 30 2005 03:03 pm

This is by our great friend ADAMACUS! Its the 50th comic and a foreshadowing BUM BUM BUUUM

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adamacus, Sep 30 2005 03:37 pm

YES!!! IM LOGGED ON!! oh ehh yeah i made this and i invented our evil friend here...of course i used chads technics but HES MINE!!! and gore is good. yup.i like making gore. yup

bipolar_monkey, Sep 30 2005 04:12 pm

do you relize... that we of sacredsouls... just made it to 50 comics... :D lets throw a party! i'll bring chips..

Sangokyu, Sep 30 2005 04:17 pm

Yeah, weird, Double Helix hit 50 a few days ago! PARTY!
And this picture is really freaky.

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 30 2005 04:19 pm

WOO and YES it ISSS a freaky pic but Adamacus worked hard on it and it set me up for a good story line

Yukiko, Sep 30 2005 04:28 pm

=D!! Weewt!

Just_Jeremie, Sep 30 2005 05:10 pm

yay for 50 comics! congrats, dude

Zick, Oct 01 2005 09:57 am

More violence, more! I'm a psychopath.


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