Low Flying Plane

Sep 11 2005 09:07 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 11 2005 09:08 pm

If you didnt see Spiderman 2 you wont get this... its when Peter Parker jumps and yells "IM BACK!" then falls...and in the last pannel its a plane... ok? Sorry for the unclearness

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Sangokyu, Sep 11 2005 09:19 pm


bipolar_monkey, Sep 11 2005 11:26 pm

ah! ive had this day.. only.. with out the plane.. or the jumping off of a building... heheheh... fracken hillarious..

jakeyface, Sep 12 2005 03:49 am

he he he wicked man

Yukiko, Sep 12 2005 04:16 pm

XD! If only they had something like that on the bloopers for Spiderman 2.. If it even has bloopers. =P Well done.

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 12 2005 04:50 pm

Heh thank you thank you your far too kind

Pluto, Sep 12 2005 06:23 pm

Bruce Campbell was definatly flying that plane.

Did you know that Bruce Campbell was the theatre usher in Spider-Man 2 and the wrestling ring anouncer in Spider-Man? NOW YOU KNOW

adamacus, Sep 13 2005 03:14 pm

He was also the guy who told you what to do in both spiderman games


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