Another Filler-GASP- Samuri Attack

Sep 06 2005 08:54 am

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 06 2005 08:56 am

Never drew shadows before, acnt ya tell? :P And I actualy took the time to draw SHIRT WRINKLES... or at least TRIED! :P
Tell me what ya think...
And Im STILL Looking for that ASP Webcomic script!!!!!!

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Pluto, Sep 06 2005 02:04 pm

You sooo need to animate this!

Yukiko, Sep 06 2005 03:26 pm

-Cue Anime fightning music- =O

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 06 2005 08:32 pm

Hmmmm what music could we use for a TRTL fight scene.. HMMM

bipolar_monkey, Sep 06 2005 11:31 pm

HAHA!! YAY! i was just looking back at the first comic of TRTL... and seeing this makes me happy! i can tell you're drawing alot! each one is improved your art style. neatness ( your humor is still the same.. if that changes we'll just have to shoot you)

and what music WOULD go on a TRTL fight seen.. O.o;;

The Rock and The Losers, Sep 07 2005 12:58 pm

the question of the sentury.... O.O


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