Gone Campin-Bring Batteries

Aug 29 2005 08:27 pm

Chad Says:

The Rock and The Losers, Aug 29 2005 09:11 pm

If you dont get it in pannel one Brads playin a DS, second a PSP, third a Cell, fourth an iPod and all of their batteries die...

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The Rock and The Losers, Aug 30 2005 09:57 am

Ok people who are rating my comment realy low... I appriciate your taking the time to read it and stuff but can you just please tell me where to improve?! Is that so much to ask?!

adamacus, Aug 30 2005 02:40 pm

HEHE funny shit! I rated it a five, but i guess them anonymous prickhead 1ers wont even comment...

Lost, Sep 03 2005 08:49 pm

Oh I thought that was a guitar for the longest time....XD

doktaluv, Nov 15 2005 10:27 pm

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha the anime fall is so great

vzaniel, Nov 16 2005 06:13 pm

This is my favorite of your comics.

I hate the people who go around giving all 1's. Such douches. I think we should all start requesting a feature where people can only rate your comic with a comment.


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