Gone Campin-Intro

Aug 28 2005 09:08 pm

Chad Says:

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Sangokyu, Aug 28 2005 10:37 pm

Nice as always, but what's the empty panel for?

nickbaldwin, Aug 29 2005 05:27 am

Sorry, to say, I don't get this one, so I will not rate.

The Rock and The Losers, Aug 29 2005 08:51 am

Empty Panel and to Nickbaldwin
I just couldnt fit the one where Kyle asks "You thinkin what Im thinkin?" there and to nick baldwin, go back and read comic 19, THEN you should get it

Pluto, Aug 29 2005 02:09 pm

I like how the comic seems to have finally found it's look...It's kinda gone through every form of drawing possible.

doktaluv, Nov 15 2005 10:27 pm

go back and read comic 19? this IS comic 19. But I get it anyway :D


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