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Mar 05 2007 06:52 pm

New Writer

We got a writer! FINALLY! His name is Tom so go check out his work. Also laptops still busted so gotta use paint and gimp so saving quality is no where near great. sorry...

Nov 23 2006 07:44 pm

No updates?

I have an excuse I swear..
Ok so I decided comics just... werent fun anymore so Im doing a series of mini episodes.. first one should be up very very soon...

Oct 20 2006 08:28 pm


Most of my very first comics are gone.... ... Ill try and fix it but I have no idea how...

Sep 25 2006 08:38 pm

Minor Tweaks....

Hello one and ALL! Theres been one or two minor tweaks to the layout.... not much... nothing ALL that noticeable... yeah... so.... enjoy the new comic?

Sep 22 2006 08:50 pm


The official TRTL Frappr is UP! ( go add yourself!

Sep 01 2006 02:57 am


Brad has a MySpace!

Add him!

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